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The darkness morphed into a motley panoply of colors, vividly radiant, yet swirling about them in a type of fog. When the fog lifted the colors had settled into their new surroundings which greatly resembled their old surroundings except the building interior had grown even more broken and decrepit. Part of the ceiling had collapsed in the corner where the shadow had first been seen, and the wooden floor had grown spongy underfoot. Elise was dazed and baffled, “What the hell was that?” “Shhh!” Chase’s eyes flitted about. “This isn’t where we were supposed to end up.” “Well, great!” “I told you, ‘Shhh!’  Keep hold of my hand.” A deep groan reverberated throughout the core of the structure, shaking crumbling plaster from the walls and buckling the floorboards beneath them. The door behind Elise blew open just as her world went dark once again. This time when the color settled […]

Episode 1 of The Time Channeler Chronicles, Darkened World, introduces us to Chase Michael Debarlo, a former private investigator who has seen the darker side of the paranormal. A young woman, Elise, seeks him ought for answers to her own supernatural abilities in a world that has seemingly forgotten itself. Listen to the podcast presentation… Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS