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“You!” The ghoulish nightmare shrilled and seemingly stepped back, if it had any legs with which to take a step back. Michelle teetered on her heels, and Chase caught her just before she was about to crash to the concrete. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she began convulsing in Chase’s arms. The creature slid back another step and then melted into the form of a man, a tall, pale human dressed in a black double-breasted frock coat and black trousers, with a black top hat that sat atop his long, wispy charcoal hair. The black and red eyes dissolved into a pair of dark browns and his teeth morphed into something more human-like, straight and alabaster. This new figure doffed his top hat and bowed. “Until we meet again, Latro. She was a most delicious snack that I do wish to finish.” At that, the wind seemed […]