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“Wait a minute! I can’t keep track of when and where we are.” Seated in a black armchair, Elise’s face was flushed red, and sweated beaded on her furrowed brow. Chase patted her shoulder and handed her a bottle of water out of the mini fridge. “I know. I understand channeling can be very disorienting. In fact,” he looked at his watch, “in our time it is well past midnight. But here, it is a Saturday evening in January and not nearly 8:00 PM.” The water passed through Elise’s lips as her eyes darted about the room. Two armchairs rested before a large oak desk which housed a computer, telephone, desk lamp, and the assorted office supplies one would find on a desk. Behind the desk was a window that looked out to the quieting street below. Elsewhere throughout the room was a bookcase, file cabinet, a map of the […]