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Everyone has a talent they excel at. Adam D. Tillery found his talent early on when he began impressing his parents with his crayon drawings! Since then he has been honing his artistic abilities with the assistance of his interest. Adam has drawn numerous cartoons, comic book heroes, and caricatures of those around him, and he has painted still lifes, portraits, and murals of fantasy landscapes. While talented in multiple arts, nothing has come easier to Adam than illustrating.

History, hiking, camping, writing, drawing, and metal detecting are just a few of my hobbies, but learning about supernatural occurrences intrigues Adam the most.

Adam’s interest in ghosts has taken him to many locations where spirits are said to haunt. These paranormal explorations and listening to other people’s ghostly experiences inspired him to visually interpret the ghosts he sees in my mind on to paper. The charcoal drawings he has produced with these ghosts have fascinated those who view them due to their close resemblance to spirits and entities seen during paranormal experiences.

Combining his two passions of studying ghosts and creating art has helped ease Adam’s need to do more of both. He has captured plenty of voices on audio in empty rooms and seen things move by themselves on video when no one else was around. Ironically, however, he never seen a ghost with his own eyes. Adam believes his gift is not to physically see them, but to feel the spirits around him and put the clues they leave behind together so that he may help them tell their story.