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Chase Michael DeBarlo

Former private investigator in Fallsbury, Massachusetts. After witnessing a major supernatural event, he is trying to find out what happened to friends while simultaneously trying to determine the cause of the supernatural phenomenon. His ability as a time channeler allows him to navigate through time, although he is still learning how to control it.



Elise Hypatia

Young woman who can see shadow people and seeks out Chase Michael DeBarlo.

Parents were killed in a car crash after dropping her off at college and she has felt guilty ever since.

Hers is the bloody hand print on the floor near the armchair of Cornelius Bones in 1876.



Cornelius Bones

Old man in 1876 that Chase takes Elise to visit for her first time channeling experience. He knows things he shouldn’t for someone in his time era.




Michelle Wu

Case manager for Society of the Haunted who was Chase and Claire saw being attacked by a creature with “fiery eyes from hell.”





Claire Waterhouse

Twenty-four year old budding psychic medium still coming into her own. With long, wavy blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and a fair, innocent complexion of the girl-next-door, she could have been quite popular when she’d gone to school. However, the other children didn’t understand her abilities, believing she was some sort of freak, and relentlessly teased her by calling her “The Claire Witch Project.”


Marcus Davis

Equipment technician for Society of the Haunted who was dead on the floor in a historic home when Chase woke from a vision.

An electrical engineer by trade, he’d had gone to college on a football scholarship, but focused on his studies when he blew out his knee during his sophomore year of school. Friends considered him a large teddy bear of a man, raising his 14 year old son on his own.


Hal and Andrea Holden

Husband and wife founders of Society of the Haunted who were found dead on the floor of the dining room of the historic home in which Chase awoke from his vision.


The Voice

Unknown entity that had tied Chase Michael DeBarlo to a chair in the opening vision of The Time Channeler Chronicles.